New design Ideas from TNI Design

We are often asked what the ‘TNI’, in our name, stands for. The answer is: The Next Idea.

We have always been a design and architecture agency that seeks to push boundaries in architectural and interior design wherever possible.

This design was for a Sports Restaurant in the Middle East. The entire design was centered around a stadium look and feel, with its own commentator’s room and different dining and lounging areas.

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Sustainable Design and New Materials For Restaurants

Our focus at TNI Design is not just about sustainability. We were one of the first Design and Architecture firms to use Hemp-based construction materials and furniture. For example, in our design for Phood Farmacy, we used hemp wood for the wall and counter finishes (the equivalent of 5 trees if we used a wood finish)

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As a substitute to wood, palm, another under-valued and little understood material. Examples can be found at: TNI design is specifying Palm Theory products in many of its new commercial and residential projects.

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Hemcrete® is a bio-composite building material made from hemp shiv (the woody core of industrial hemp) and a lime based binder called Tradical® HB.

TNI Design is exploring new ways to use Hemcrete in restaurant design. This is an exploration design with one of our favorite clients, using hemcrete as wall finish instead of gypsum board, and hempwood planters.

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Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Always creating and always learning

Robert Ancill, the CEO of the Next Idea group is a leading figure in the hospitality and interior design industries. An authority of emerging food trends, foodservice, and design, Robert is well known as one of America’s leading Global Food and Restaurant Consultants. His principles stand staunch as pillars of creativity, first-class client service, and integrity. Robert built the Next Idea from a one client agency to a well-known international boutique consulting group with a broad range of small, medium, and large clients and an enviable project portfolio. The company split in 2016 and operates consulting services under The Next Idea,, and interior design TNI Design,

Since 2002 The Next Idea Group has grown into a well-known consulting and design brand with multiple service companies covering design, consulting, and business services. It is essentially a consulting agency specializing in high energy, innovative international restaurant concept development, interior design and architecture, re-positioning, food trend research forecasting, marketing, and restaurant franchising. Read More

We Must Be Better Than This

I remember learning in horror about the holocaust when I was growing up. While I was never able to understand the depth of the unimaginable terror, I was even less able to understand how no-one spoke up. Yes, during history’s darkest time, there were many acts of heroism, where individuals put their lives at serious risk to protect other human beings, however, these cases were nothing more than a dot in the abyss of the extreme depths of evil perpetrated during that extraordinary period in time.

Roll on to the events of the past week, where we witness yet another human being murdered for no reason other than the color of his skin. 

Again the polarizing issue of race manifests, although this time outrage sparked into nationwide demonstrations and riots, where, yet again the draconian question of why one race of people is treated differently to another, is being tested to the fullest. Read More

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How Bad Is It?

First and foremost, let’s be clear: there will be a recovery. The world is not coming to an end, there will be no doomsday, and life will go on. Just like nature, the economy will find a way. So, to those individuals who bought van loads of toilet paper: the chances are that you will need your storage space back much faster than you could ever use said commodity, so now is the time to think about how you can utilize all that tissue for 2020 holiday gifts. Costco will not be refunding!

Nonetheless, the situation is both extraordinary and exceptionally serious. While we can say with conviction that the economy will recover, what we can’t predict is by when and what the collateral damage will look like. Read More