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Phood Farmacy 2 LLC

DBA Amino Farmacy
1000 E 60th Street
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Amino Farmacy Opens

Los Angeles, July 2022: Food as medicine finally has a home!

Amino Farmacy, located at The Beehive, South Los Angeles, is a new, take-out, restaurant concept seeking to disrupt the food delivery and meal plan sector by providing pre-made and made to order, nutritionally balanced, farm fresh food.

Amino Farmacy has been created to provide the ultimate natural food experience and is focused on food that provides medicinal qualities utilizing nature’s farm raised plants and proteins. All meals are produced with a deep focus on health, nutrition, and wellness while using ingredient combinations designed to be preventative and / or healing, not to mention, enjoyable to eat.

Meals are freshly made and are available pre-packed or ready-to-eat on demand.

Most important are the ingredients and cooking methods deployed to produce Amino Farmacy’s meals. Amino Farmacy is a From Scratch kitchen concept; Produce is purchased fresh from local farms who have production integrity systems and adopt sustainable farming practices. All ingredients are GMO and antibiotic-free and come from certified sources. Amino Farmacy cooks with filtered water to ensure all meal regimens and remedies are prepared as purely as possible for the human body.

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Guaranteed Service, Quality, Schedule, and Creativity E112

The Tycoons welcomed Robert Ancill, CEO of TNI Design, to the show. Robert’s story is a true testament to being adaptable to change. One of his favorite quotes is by Richard Branson, “If someone offers you a job, take it and figure it out later.” He likes the challenge of identifying problems and creating solutions. This has become a part of TNI Design’s business model to evaluate their work and collect data to understand if the design truly meets the client’s needs.

TNI Design operates on four mantras: Guaranteed service, Quality, Schedule, and Creativity. By holding to these principles, the TNI team maintains standards while creatively learning, growing, and changing. This is how Robert adapted over the years and how TNI Design came to fruition after splitting the company in 2015. As a standalone design firm, TNI Design provides focus in their core competency areas and continues to deliver consistent results.

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Exploring Life & Business with Robert Ancill of TNI Design

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Ancill.

Hi Robert, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
TNI Design was originally the interior design department of The Next Idea Restaurant Consultancy, (an International concept development agency specializing in restaurants, hotels and cafes).

Our clients were so impressed with our restaurant designs they would ask us to design their office or home or another building; as such it became a bit weird as we were designing luxury houses yet our online presence was all about restaurants.

In 2015, we launched TNI Design into its own entity and developed the business separately as a Design and Interior Design Agency.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Ha ha – it is never a smooth road when starting a business, even as an offshoot of another business. Our challenges range from finding the right team, partners and of course clients.

Covid was of course a struggle as our main client base closed down, and we were forced to pivot our services and address new markets with limited experience.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
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Lifestream video analytics tool


Lifestream is a powerful and intuitive video analytics business that provides unique, and never before available, insights for restaurants and food and beverage operations to optimize operations and identify data-based customer behavior analytics.

Lifestream is a highly effective solution for measuring true guest satisfaction, keeping track of speed of service, assessing how staffing levels match customer demand on an hour to hour basis, as well as analyzing new initiatives such as interior design and layout changes.

Customer behaviors that have been notoriously hard to track include the percentage of people who walk in and then out of an establishment without making a purchase, true wait times at drive through restaurants, and real wait times from order time to table delivery. Sampling yields significant research results, however, with the delta that can be present between a sample and the real customer base, sample errors can occur. That is, of course, until now!

Lifestream resolves these problems by providing state-of-the-art video data analysis that captures critical information which has never before been available to restaurants. Lifestream’s AI technology can identify every human that enters a space and subsequently report their behavior in analytic format with absolute accuracy. Questions about missed opportunity, wait times, customer confusion, and dwell times can now all be answered. This provides a substantial advantage in addressing missed sales opportunities in addition to multiple other areas that will improve operations and the bottom line.

Video more than any other data source generates valuable insights based on how people actually behave, not just how they claim to behave. The more authentic the data source, the more valuable the insight. For the first time, restaurants can make deeply informed decisions by harnessing the power of their video and deploying analytics to improve their customer experience, resulting in substantial top and bottom line improvements.

Watch our video here: (

For information contact: Robert Ancill, / 818 887 7714

New design Ideas from TNI Design

We are often asked what the ‘TNI’, in our name, stands for. The answer is: The Next Idea.

We have always been a design agency that seeks to push boundaries in interior design wherever possible.

This design was for a Sports Restaurant in the Middle East. The entire design was centered around a stadium look and feel, with its own commentator’s room and different dining and lounging areas.

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Sustainable Design and New Materials For Restaurants

Our focus at TNI Design is not just about sustainability. We were one of the first Design and Interior Design firms to use Hemp-based construction materials and furniture. For example, in our design for Phood Farmacy, we used hemp wood for the wall and counter finishes (the equivalent of 5 trees if we used a wood finish)

#hempwood #phoodfarmacy #sustainablerestaurantdesign

As a substitute to wood, palm, another under-valued and little understood material. Examples can be found at: TNI design is specifying Palm Theory products in many of its new commercial and residential projects.

#sustainablematerials #sustainableinteriordesign #newdesignideas #palmtheory

Hemcrete® is a bio-composite building material made from hemp shiv (the woody core of industrial hemp) and a lime based binder called Tradical® HB.

TNI Design is exploring new ways to use Hemcrete in restaurant design. This is an exploration design with one of our favorite clients, using hemcrete as wall finish instead of gypsum board, and hempwood planters.

#hemcrete #sustainableinteriordesign #newdesignideas #phoodfarmacy

Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Always creating and always learning

Robert Ancill, the CEO of the Next Idea group is a leading figure in the hospitality and interior design industries. An authority of emerging food trends, foodservice, and design, Robert is well known as one of America’s leading Global Food and Restaurant Consultants. His principles stand staunch as pillars of creativity, first-class client service, and integrity. Robert built the Next Idea from a one client agency to a well-known international boutique consulting group with a broad range of small, medium, and large clients and an enviable project portfolio. The company split in 2016 and operates consulting services under The Next Idea,, and interior design TNI Design,

Since 2002 The Next Idea Group has grown into a well-known consulting and design brand with multiple service companies covering design, consulting, and business services. It is essentially a consulting agency specializing in high energy, innovative international restaurant concept development, interior design, re-positioning, food trend research forecasting, marketing, and restaurant franchising. Read More