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The Tycoons welcomed Robert Ancill, CEO of TNI Design, to the show. Robert’s story is a true testament to being adaptable to change. One of his favorite quotes is by Richard Branson, “If someone offers you a job, take it and figure it out later.” He likes the challenge of identifying problems and creating solutions. This has become a part of TNI Design’s business model to evaluate their work and collect data to understand if the design truly meets the client’s needs.

TNI Design operates on four mantras: Guaranteed service, Quality, Schedule, and Creativity. By holding to these principles, the TNI team maintains standards while creatively learning, growing, and changing. This is how Robert adapted over the years and how TNI Design came to fruition after splitting the company in 2015. As a standalone design firm, TNI Design provides focus in their core competency areas and continues to deliver consistent results.


Based in Los Angeles, TNI Design is a team of  interior designers providing creative interior design, landscaping, home remodel, 3D rendering, and construction drawing services to private individuals, interior designers, businesses, landlords, developers and building construction professionals.

The TNI design team has the ability and expertise to produce a custom design that will be relevant, compelling, and engaging with the target consumer profile. Design recommendations are illustrated through photo realistic renderings or 3D walk-through so the client knows what to expect from the finished product.

TNI Design serve the residential, office, hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries.

The focus at TNI Design is not just about sustainability. TNI Design was one of the first design and interior design firms to use hemp-based construction materials and furniture. Also, they adopted LED lighting long before it became mainstream and have worked tirelessly to achieve net zero carbon omissions wherever possible.

TNI Deisgn firmly believes in the importance of leaving an environmental legacy for future generations and always place significant importance on deploying sustainable and recycled materials when designing their client environments.

robert-ancill-TNIRobert Ancill is the CEO of TNI Design an interior design agency that specializes in restaurants, hotels, luxury and eco homes.

Based in Los Angeles, Robert has designed over 89 new brands and 800 restaurant or café openings or remodels. He has worked or consulted with clients in over 24 countries, including but not limited to: USA, UK, Kuwait, Dubai/Abu Dhabi (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Malaysia, France, Qatar, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Pakistan.

TNI Design has provided interior design services to multiple high profile restaurant and hotel brands including but not limited to: Plant Power [Vegan] Fast Food, Pizzaro, Caliburger, Staybridge Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Hilton, Seven 11, Albert Roux Café, Steak N Shake, Royal Caribbean, and Phood Farmacy.

Robert is also active in the Non Profit world, supporting many good causes including, anti-slavery, cure and support for autism and child education in underdeveloped countries.
In his spare time Robert is an amateur photographer, whose work has been featured in a number of magazines and websites, and can be found at:

Robert authored a book called Post COVID-19 Reboot (launched April 2020). The book is a forecast and guide to opening restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses after the Quarantine period has been lifted.

Connect with Robert on LinkedIn and follow TNI Design on Facebook and Instagram.

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Austin Peterson is a Comprehensive Financial Planner and co-founder of Backbone Planning Partners in Scottsdale, AZ. Austin is a registered rep and investment advisor representative with Lincoln Financial Advisors. Prior to joining Lincoln Financial Advisors, Austin worked in a variety of roles in the financial services industry.

He began his career in financial services in the year 2000 as a personal financial advisor with Independent Capital Management in Santa Ana, CA. Austin then joined Pacific Life Insurance Company as an internal wholesaler for their variable annuity and mutual fund products. After Pacific Life, Austin formed his own financial planning company in Southern California that he built and ran for 6 years and eventually sold when he moved his family to Salt Lake City to pursue his MBA.

After he completed his MBA, Austin joined Crump Life Insurance where he filled a couple of different sales roles and eventually a management role throughout the five years he was with Crump. Most recently before joining Lincoln Financial Advisors in February 2015, Austin spent 2 years as a life insurance field wholesaler with Symetra Life Insurance Company. Austin is a Certified Financial Planner Professional and Chartered Life Underwriter. In 2021, Austin became a Certified Business Exit Consultant® (CBEC®) to help entrepreneurs plan to exit their businesses.

Austin and his wife of 23 years, Robin, have two children, AJ (21) and Ella (18) and they reside in Gilbert, Arizona. He is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in French and of Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management with a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in sales and entrepreneurship.backbone-New-Logo

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Landon Mance is a Financial Planner and co-founder of Backbone Planning Partners out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He rebranded his practice in 2020 to focus on serving small business owners after operating as Mance Wealth Management since 2015 when Landon broke off from a major bank and started his own “shop.”

Landon comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs and has a passion and excitement for serving the business community. This passion is what brought about the growth of Backbone Planning Partners to help business owners and their families. At Backbone Planning, we believe small business owners’ personal and business goals are intertwined, so we work with our clients to design a financial plan to support all aspects of their lives.

In 2019, Landon obtained the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation through the Exit Planning Institute. With this certification, Backbone Planning Partners assists business owners through an ownership transition while focusing on a positive outcome for their employees and meeting the business owner’s goals. Landon is also a member of the Business Intelligence Institute (BII) which is a collaborative group that shares tools, resources and personnel, and offers advanced level training and technical support to specifically serve business owners. In 2021, Landon became a Certified Business Exit Consultant® (CBEC®) to help entrepreneurs plan to exit their businesses by counseling owners about exit options, estimating the value of the business, preparing the business for exit and tax considerations.

Landon enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, stepson, and new baby twins. He grew up in sunny San Diego and loves visiting his family, playing a round of golf with friends, and many other outdoor activities. Landon tries to make a difference in the lives of children in Las Vegas as a part of the leadership team for a local non-profit. He regularly visits the children that we work with to remind himself of why it’s so important to, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Landon received his B.S. from California State University Long Beach in business marketing and gets the rest of his education through the school of hard knocks via his business owner clients.