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Phood Farmacy 2 LLC

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Amino Farmacy Opens

Los Angeles, July 2022: Food as medicine finally has a home!

Amino Farmacy, located at The Beehive, South Los Angeles, is a new, take-out, restaurant concept seeking to disrupt the food delivery and meal plan sector by providing pre-made and made to order, nutritionally balanced, farm fresh food.

Amino Farmacy has been created to provide the ultimate natural food experience and is focused on food that provides medicinal qualities utilizing nature’s farm raised plants and proteins. All meals are produced with a deep focus on health, nutrition, and wellness while using ingredient combinations designed to be preventative and / or healing, not to mention, enjoyable to eat.

Meals are freshly made and are available pre-packed or ready-to-eat on demand.

Most important are the ingredients and cooking methods deployed to produce Amino Farmacy’s meals. Amino Farmacy is a From Scratch kitchen concept; Produce is purchased fresh from local farms who have production integrity systems and adopt sustainable farming practices. All ingredients are GMO and antibiotic-free and come from certified sources. Amino Farmacy cooks with filtered water to ensure all meal regimens and remedies are prepared as purely as possible for the human body.

For breakfast, signature items include Avocado Super Toast made with our own house bread, Acai Bowl, Date Cake, and a range of house made juices and smoothies. Lunch and dinner include a made-from-scratch range of soups, salads, entrees, sandwiches and bowls. Signatures products include South West Chicken Bowl and our famous Chimi Bowl, Burrata Salad, and Robert’s Stock-free Chicken Soup. Amino Farmacy caters to a wide range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free diets.

The food as medicine trend derives from consumers taking greater personal responsibility for their own health and wellness. Food production and food service industries have responded favourably by providing healthy and sustainable food that has made the healthier food choice the easiest one. Amino Farmacy is the next generation in providing functional food representing a perfect marriage of flavour and nutrition.

Amino Farmacy has been created by the team at The Next Idea ( The business is funded by multiple silent investors.

Hippocrates famously wrote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

About The Next Idea

The Award Winning Next Idea is an international Restaurant & Hospitality Concept development and management agency. The Next Idea is based in Los Angeles. Working across the world, The Next Idea specializes in concept creation, development and management everything from research, strategy, brand and product development, franchising, through to design, execution, systems and operations, and communication.

For information contact:

Thelma Weaver
Joint CEO
Amino Farmacy, LLC.

Tel: (818) 927-4274