Updating Your Home to Support Relaxation and Remote Work

Updating your home to make it more relaxing while ensuring it’s still a good place for remote work seems challenging initially. That’s especially true if you tend to have an always-on mentality when your workplace is only a few steps away.

However, it’s possible to make your home both a haven and a productive workplace with the right approach. Here are some updates that support relaxation and remote work, courtesy of Robert Ancill at TNI Design.

Create an Inspiring Home Office

Having a distinct work area in your home helps you limit distractions and keep your work organized while maintaining a better work-life balance. Since that’s the case, redecorating a space and turning it into an inspiring home office is a wise move – and it might even be tax deductible!

One easy way to begin is with paint. Specific colors have productivity-boosting benefits, so choose one that creates the right feel in the space. Whether you paint the whole room or focus on a single accent wall is up to you. As long as the hue is visible, it can help.

When it comes to office furniture, make ergonomics a priority so that you remain comfortable and reduce your odds of certain injuries. Invest in desktop and drawer organizers, too, making it easier to keep everything in its proper place. Get a low-maintenance plant to add some life and freshness, and add a family photo to help you make ethical decisions.

Remove All Devices from Your Bedroom

While sitting in bed and watching television or scrolling through your smartphone may seem like a relaxing time, technology in the bedroom can hurt your sleep quality. Plus, it makes an area of your home that should be relaxing a place for mental activity, which isn’t ideal.

As you update your home, remove your television from the bedroom. Additionally, find a new spot for other electronic devices at night. A console table in a hallway can serve as a drop zone and charging station, so you’ll know exactly where your phone is the following day. Plus, having it in a spot you pass by as you head to bed reminds you to get rid of the devices as you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Design a Welcoming Outdoor Space

Spending time outside is beneficial in several ways. Being around nature can relax you and improve your mood. Also, a little time in the sun helps with vitamin D production. Whether you have a balcony, patio, or backyard, create a welcoming space that makes spending time outside joyful.

For city-dwellers without yards, some plants can make a patio or balcony feel more private and vibrant, while a small bistro set gives you a place to relax while reading or enjoying a cup of coffee. If you have a yard, you could go with a lounger, patio swing, or other bigger outdoor furnishings. Then, add a brazier or chiminea for safe, cozy fires on crisp nights.

 Final Considerations

Hobbies are excellent for your mental health. By dedicating part of your home to your favorite hobby, you’re giving yourself a space dedicated to fun and joy. Additionally, you may find yourself more active if your hobby has a special spot in your house. Precisely what you’ll need depends on the activity involved. For artistic ventures, a desk with good lighting and some dedicated storage may do the trick. If you like tinkering, then a workbench in a garage might be the perfect match.

Also, think about your plans for the future. Do you plan on selling your home in the near future, or are you here to stay? That’s definitely something you should consider when making changes to your home, whether that’s adding an office or renovating a kitchen. On the other hand, renovations can improve your home’s value, so if you’ve thought about upgrading an appliance or installing a range hood for more fresh air in your kitchen, it’s definitely worth considering how much these improvements could benefit you in the long run.

The harder you work, the more necessary it is that you give yourself the space and time you need to relax. That’s especially true for those who make a living doing remote work. So try out a few of these tips and you’ll be amazed at how a little improved relaxation improves your outlook and productivity!

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