Home Designs For Life: Remodeling Ideas To Increase Safety, Function, And Accessibility In The Home

Home Designs For Life: Remodeling Ideas To Increase Safety, Function, And Accessibility In The Home

Designing the Future of Dining: Crafting Age-Friendly Restaurants with Renowned Designer Robert Ancill

Robert Ancill has always had a passion for creativity and design which led him to the restaurant industry where he created and designed restaurant and food retail concepts.

In 2006, Robert founded TNI Design, a high-energy innovative international design agency that provides modern and contemporary design solutions. Based in Los Angeles, TNI Design and its mother Group, The Next Idea has worked or consulted with clients in over 24 countries.

Robert sits on several companies and NGO Board of Directors and is regularly quoted in the media on global restaurant and food trends.

Sizzler enlists Restaurant Design studio, TNI Design, for new look.

LOS ANGELES, Calif., — Creative restaurant design studio, TNI Design, has been enlisted to redesign Sizzler locations around the country.

TNI, an acronym for The Next Idea, has completed their pilot design for Sizzler’s Corona, California location. It serves as the new remodel other locations will undergo over the next few years.

“In partnership with Sizzler we created Sizzler’s new interior design and now we are applying the design to around 60 locations over two years,” Robert Ancill, CEO and creative officer at TNI Design said. Several are currently “in design” phases now.

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Proteins ride the roller coaster

Cost volatility and plant-based alternatives reshape restaurant

The protein category has been, well, put through the meat grinder for the last three years.

From fire sales of steak and seafood inventory at the start of the pandemic to soaring demand for chicken wings that fueled shortages and a surge in costs to the ups and downs of beef prices, operators have struggled to manage their protein-based menu items. On top of these challenges, the pandemic also coincided with the rapid expansion of plant-based alternatives, a trend that may or may not have staying power.

The tumultuous protein commodities environment hasn’t prevented operators from continuing to innovate with protein dishes, however.
Operators also remain committed to plant-based alternatives as that category continues to evolve. “I actually got more innovative through the pandemic because you had to,” said Chad Rosenthal, chef/owner of The Lucky Well barbecue restaurants in the Philadelphia area and the founder of a pandemic-born concept called Motel Fried Chicken, which he is transitioning to a 100% plant based concept.
Amid supply shortages and rising prices, Rosenthal said he had to take beef brisket off of his Lucky Well barbecue menu for a total of about a year.

He continued to innovate with pop-ups featuring lower-cost proteins that had dependable supply, which was how the original Motel Fried Chicken concept was born. Read More

Restaurant Interior Design Sustainability Trends 2023

This is the year that sustainability and social consciousness in new restaurant design and construction will engage the industry. With an increased awareness of their impact on the environment, customers are actively looking for restaurants that demonstrate sustainable solutions to global issues more than ever before.

Restaurants and cafes will begin to advertise at scale how they are actively reducing their environmental footprint through their use of sustainable building materials and deployment of alternative power. The restaurant industry has never been more vibrant and forward-thinking as it will be in 2023.

We have identified some key trends that are really pushing the boundaries of sustainable creativity when it comes to new and upgraded designs. The following are the top ten sustainable trends we have identified in 2023. Read More

Updating Your Home to Support Relaxation and Remote Work

Updating your home to make it more relaxing while ensuring it’s still a good place for remote work seems challenging initially. That’s especially true if you tend to have an always-on mentality when your workplace is only a few steps away.

However, it’s possible to make your home both a haven and a productive workplace with the right approach. Here are some updates that support relaxation and remote work, courtesy of Robert Ancill at TNI Design.

Create an Inspiring Home Office

Having a distinct work area in your home helps you limit distractions and keep your work organized while maintaining a better work-life balance. Since that’s the case, redecorating a space and turning it into an inspiring home office is a wise move – and it might even be tax deductible!

One easy way to begin is with paint. Specific colors have productivity-boosting benefits, so choose one that creates the right feel in the space. Whether you paint the whole room or focus on a single accent wall is up to you. As long as the hue is visible, it can help.

When it comes to office furniture, make ergonomics a priority so that you remain comfortable and reduce your odds of certain injuries. Invest in desktop and drawer organizers, too, making it easier to keep everything in its proper place. Get a low-maintenance plant to add some life and freshness, and add a family photo to help you make ethical decisions.

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Guaranteed Service, Quality, Schedule, and Creativity E112

The Tycoons welcomed Robert Ancill, CEO of TNI Design, to the show. Robert’s story is a true testament to being adaptable to change. One of his favorite quotes is by Richard Branson, “If someone offers you a job, take it and figure it out later.” He likes the challenge of identifying problems and creating solutions. This has become a part of TNI Design’s business model to evaluate their work and collect data to understand if the design truly meets the client’s needs.

TNI Design operates on four mantras: Guaranteed service, Quality, Schedule, and Creativity. By holding to these principles, the TNI team maintains standards while creatively learning, growing, and changing. This is how Robert adapted over the years and how TNI Design came to fruition after splitting the company in 2015. As a standalone design firm, TNI Design provides focus in their core competency areas and continues to deliver consistent results.

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Exploring Life & Business with Robert Ancill of TNI Design

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Ancill.

Hi Robert, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
TNI Design was originally the interior design department of The Next Idea Restaurant Consultancy, (an International concept development agency specializing in restaurants, hotels and cafes).

Our clients were so impressed with our restaurant designs they would ask us to design their office or home or another building; as such it became a bit weird as we were designing luxury houses yet our online presence was all about restaurants.

In 2015, we launched TNI Design into its own entity and developed the business separately as a Design and Interior Design Agency.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Ha ha – it is never a smooth road when starting a business, even as an offshoot of another business. Our challenges range from finding the right team, partners and of course clients.

Covid was of course a struggle as our main client base closed down, and we were forced to pivot our services and address new markets with limited experience.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Based in Los Angeles, TNI Design [http://www.tnidesign.com] specializes in interior design and landscape design. Read More

Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Robert Ancill – CEO The Next Idea

Always creating and always learning

Robert Ancill, the CEO of the Next Idea group is a leading figure in the hospitality and interior design industries. An authority of emerging food trends, foodservice, and design, Robert is well known as one of America’s leading Global Food and Restaurant Consultants. His principles stand staunch as pillars of creativity, first-class client service, and integrity. Robert built the Next Idea from a one client agency to a well-known international boutique consulting group with a broad range of small, medium, and large clients and an enviable project portfolio. The company split in 2016 and operates consulting services under The Next Idea, www.thenextidea.net, and interior design TNI Design, www.tnidesign.com.

Since 2002 The Next Idea Group has grown into a well-known consulting and design brand with multiple service companies covering design, consulting, and business services. It is essentially a consulting agency specializing in high energy, innovative international restaurant concept development, interior design, re-positioning, food trend research forecasting, marketing, and restaurant franchising. Read More