Sizzler enlists Restaurant Design studio, TNI Design, for new look.

LOS ANGELES, Calif., — Creative restaurant design studio, TNI Design, has been enlisted to redesign Sizzler locations around the country.

TNI, an acronym for The Next Idea, has completed their pilot design for Sizzler’s Corona, California location. It serves as the new remodel other locations will undergo over the next few years.

“In partnership with Sizzler we created Sizzler’s new interior design and now we are applying the design to around 60 locations over two years,” Robert Ancill, CEO and creative officer at TNI Design said. Several are currently “in design” phases now.

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Proteins ride the roller coaster

Cost volatility and plant-based alternatives reshape restaurant

The protein category has been, well, put through the meat grinder for the last three years.

From fire sales of steak and seafood inventory at the start of the pandemic to soaring demand for chicken wings that fueled shortages and a surge in costs to the ups and downs of beef prices, operators have struggled to manage their protein-based menu items. On top of these challenges, the pandemic also coincided with the rapid expansion of plant-based alternatives, a trend that may or may not have staying power.

The tumultuous protein commodities environment hasn’t prevented operators from continuing to innovate with protein dishes, however.
Operators also remain committed to plant-based alternatives as that category continues to evolve. “I actually got more innovative through the pandemic because you had to,” said Chad Rosenthal, chef/owner of The Lucky Well barbecue restaurants in the Philadelphia area and the founder of a pandemic-born concept called Motel Fried Chicken, which he is transitioning to a 100% plant based concept.
Amid supply shortages and rising prices, Rosenthal said he had to take beef brisket off of his Lucky Well barbecue menu for a total of about a year.

He continued to innovate with pop-ups featuring lower-cost proteins that had dependable supply, which was how the original Motel Fried Chicken concept was born. Read More