Menu Engineering explained

Menu engineering Is an interdisciplinary approach in the deliberate and strategic construction of menus.

Sometimes called ‘Menu Psychology’, the term menu engineering is generally adopted as a standard Best Practice within the Hospitality and Restaurant Industries. The objective with menu engineering is to maximize a concept’s profitability by leading the customer to certain purchases, and avoiding others, in addition to ‘engineering’ recipes to maximize profits at product and category level.

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By Mercedes Chiprut, Partner The Next Idea

Improve your management style over lunch

Who knows best how well you’re performing as a manager? Your employees, that’s who. But getting them to speak or write freely on the subject can be difficult. Especially if you run a small department, anonymity is crucial to them. So make it pleasurable instead of a chore for your team. Send them out to lunch together annually or twice a year—on the company’s dime—and instruct them to talk about your management skills. Read More