CUTV News Radio spotlights Robert Ancill of The Next Idea

Canoga Park, CA – Robert Ancill is considered one of world’s leading restaurant consultants. Ancill is the co-founder and CEO of The Next Idea, a high energy, innovative international restaurant consulting and management group specializing in new restaurant concepts, re-positioning, cost efficiency, restaurant franchising, strategy and international growth.

“We’re not the traditional consultant,” says Ancill. “We’re not going to just issue a report and say have a great day. We do far more. Staff training and food handling are all critical components to us, but really what’s important is presentation, environment, and the experience from the graphics, the menu, the uniforms and staff to guest interaction.”

From fine dining to fast casual, The Next Idea has overseen the launch of over 89 new brands and 800 restaurant and cafés around the world. Much of The Next Idea’s success, says Ancill, can be attributed to its unique, human data-driven approach.

“We tend to assume that the client knows more about their business than we do,” says Ancill. “We will educate when they ask us to. We will use data to corroborate what we’re suggesting. Some might say that’s education; others might say that’s just doing your job. Either way, that’s The Next Idea’s approach.”

Still, while The Next Idea excels with its analytical approach, execution requires something more human: the ability to convert data into tactical strategy.

“Our mantra is ‘Nothing is easy,’” says Ancill. “We all really enjoy what we do, but the thing is we’re never confident, and that makes us try harder.”

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