Sustainable Design and New Materials For Restaurants

Our focus at TNI Design is not just about sustainability. We were one of the first Design and Interior Design firms to use Hemp-based construction materials and furniture. For example, in our design for Phood Farmacy, we used hemp wood for the wall and counter finishes (the equivalent of 5 trees if we used a wood finish)

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As a substitute to wood, palm, another under-valued and little understood material. Examples can be found at: TNI design is specifying Palm Theory products in many of its new commercial and residential projects.

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Hemcrete® is a bio-composite building material made from hemp shiv (the woody core of industrial hemp) and a lime based binder called Tradical® HB.

TNI Design is exploring new ways to use Hemcrete in restaurant design. This is an exploration design with one of our favorite clients, using hemcrete as wall finish instead of gypsum board, and hempwood planters.

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