New design Ideas from TNI Design

We are often asked what the ‘TNI’, in our name, stands for. The answer is: The Next Idea.

We have always been a design agency that seeks to push boundaries in interior design wherever possible.

This design was for a Sports Restaurant in the Middle East. The entire design was centered around a stadium look and feel, with its own commentator’s room and different dining and lounging areas.

This design is a small eco home designed to blend with the earth and surroundings. The property is designed to be net zero, connected to the village solar and septic tank network, as well as being constructed from hemp wood and palm.

This design was for a an outdoor art installation museum. Inspired by some of the world’s most creative fountain sculptures, the Venetian Mask was created to postulate visual drama from a distance, while moving closer visitors would experience the gradually louder water sound and unique fountain mist smell.

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While have always been a design agency that seeks to push boundaries in interior design wherever possible, we also see our role as making a difference wherever we can.

Our engagement to work with Sola Impact designing their new Entrepreneurial Tech Center, in South Central Los Angeles, has been one of TNI Design’s highlights this year, and to say we are excited at the opening, is an understatement.

While the Center is large and multi-functional, we are most excited about a wall plaque we created. The plaque presents a silhouette of Martin Luther King, and states “What is Your Dream”. The steel plaque, that measures around 25ft by 12 ft, is laser cut with back lit LED illumination. The design is dramatic, but it’s the message that matters. Located in front of the computer learning lab, every attendee will be faced with this question: “What Is Your Dream”.

In a community that has experienced its share of hardship, our wall is intended to provide inspiration from one of the world’s greatest leaders, asking students to consider their own life ahead; hopefully understanding that while life will unquestionable throw obstacles and challenges, this message is their starting line to shape their own great future.