2013 Trends Summary

Those are some of the hot foods that trend trackers believe will be big in 2013.  Check out the links below for a compilation of 2013 food trend lists.  You’ll see  lots of agreement. Maybe one list just feeds off the other, but it does seem like everyone is starting to say the same thing. Anyway, here are a few highlights:

black garlic,padronchile,horseradish, quail eggs, durian, ramps, pine needles, fish milt, whey, seaweed, ashes, sawtooth herb, green chickpeas, kimchi, fermented everything Read More

2012 Eating out trends – India

Fast food and eating out has dramatically grown in India. The advent of the technological economy and the adoption of modern life in India is fast contributing to this growth.

The market is dominated by global players

Fast food is one of the world’s fastest growing food types. India is seeing rapid growth in the fast food and restaurant industries. It now accounts for roughly half of all restaurant revenues in the developed countries and continues to expand. The trend is radically changing the way people eat in India. Read More


It is no secret that bakeries, frozen yogurt, and specialty sweet shops are opening up in unprecedented numbers world wide. What used to be an afterthought on restaurant menus, dessert, is now a major market in the restaurant industry.

The Next Idea [Los Angeles based Restaurant Consultants],has developed countless dessert recipes that showcase everything from traditional tastes to modernist techniques.

We predict the next wave of dessert trends hitting restaurant menus to be a hybrid of nostalgic flavors and contemporary presentation. Culinary terms like deconstructed, reconstructed, and molecular gastronomy will no longer be limited to the savory side of menu development.  Read More

Okolo Press Release


Launch Marks First Client Joint Venture for TNI

WOODLAND HILLS, CA– The Next Idea (TNI), the world’s largest international retail and restaurant concept consulting firm, is expanding into the online retail market with the launch of Okolo, a new online venture. TNI is partnering with young entrepreneur, Victoria Okolo, to introduce the new concept website that is focused on women’s fashion accessories sourced from distant countries and made using artisan methodology. Each product line will be bought in small quantities so customers will need to check in frequently to discover what’s new and score truly unusual finds. Read More



Grills ablaze with sizzling steaks over smoldering charcoals – the quintessential sights, smells, and sounds that ring in the start of summer. Memorial Day is no exception, when more Americans barbeque outdoors than any other holiday with the exception of the 4th of July. Both occasions are prime opportunities to showcase unique grilling recipes for family and friends.

                Indian Foodis making its way into the culinary mainstream. The Next Idea Restaurant Consultants,  predicts this emerging flavor trend to pop up throughout restaurant menus everywhere. Curries, Naan bread, and Raita-like yogurt dips are Indian cuisine staples that will be popular menu items as this forthcoming trend gains industry momentum. Read More

The Next Idea in Pizza: Pizarro

The Next Idea created the branding and interior design for Pizzaro. Q-Gourmet will open three new three units of the QSR concept in the next year.

The Next Idea (TNI), the international restaurant and hospitality consulting firm, announces the opening of Pizzaro [http://www.pizzaro.me], a high-end pizza concept developed by its client Q-Gourmet in downtown Dubai.

The Next Idea created the branding and interior design for Pizzaro. Q-Gourmet will open three new three units of the QSR concept in the next year.

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Rosemary is good for your brain

The Next Idea, Restaurant Consultants report that the herb rosemary contains an ingredient that fights off damage to the brain. The active ingredient in rosemary can protect the brain from stroke and neurodegenera­tive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and also from normal aging, a collaborative group of researchers at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research (www. burnahm.org) say. The ingredient, carnosic acid, protects the brain cells from free radicals. The findings were originally reported in The Journal of Neurochemis­try and Nature Reviews Neuroscience.
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Eat your apples and onions

Eat your apples and onions

Robert Ancill, CEO of Innovations Food Consultancy, The Next Idea,  reports, Apples and onions topped the list of a cancer preven­tion study. Here’s why: Apples and onions are sources for quercetin, one of the most beneficial of flavenols, and could play a role in preventing and reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer, a study has found. All partici­pants in the study experienced reduced risk, however, smokers who consumed foods rich in flavenols experi­enced a significantly greater reduction. Read More

Mediterranean diet

What is the next phase in healthy eating?

According to Robert Ancill, President of The Next Idea, Los Angeles based Restaurant Consultancy consumers are taking increasing interest in Mediterranean cuisine.

In 2007, The Journal of the American Medical Association reported, a combination of the Mediterranean diet, moderate exercise and drinking, and no smoking can

lower mortality rates by 65 percent. Read More

The effects of Soda

Researchers at Rutgers University have found drinking soda which contains high-fructose corn syrup could contribute to the development of diabetes, especially in children.

Scientists tested beverages containing the syrup and found high levels of reactive compounds that previous studies have found have the potential to trigger cell and tissue damage which can cause diabetes. Read More