2013 Trends Summary

Those are some of the hot foods that trend trackers believe will be big in 2013.  Check out the links below for a compilation of 2013 food trend lists.  You’ll see  lots of agreement. Maybe one list just feeds off the other, but it does seem like everyone is starting to say the same thing. Anyway, here are a few highlights:

black garlic,padronchile,horseradish, quail eggs, durian, ramps, pine needles, fish milt, whey, seaweed, ashes, sawtooth herb, green chickpeas, kimchi, fermented everything

dukkah, sumac, sour, torridly hot, smoked, turmeric, barrel-aged hot sauce, gochujang (Korean hot sauce), Japanese katsu sauce

center of the plate, sunchokes, raw winter vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli romanesco, parsley root, golden and chiogga beets, pumpkin, baby sweet potatoes, turnip greens, beet tops, collards, fiddleheads, kohlrabi, green tomatoes, komatsuna (Asian mustard greens), seaweed, mico-greens, pickled vegetables, veggie noodles (squash), vegetables in cocktails (”farm to bar”), vegetable desserts, hyper-sourcing (restaurant gardens)

sour cherries, baobab, huckleberries, finger limes, calamondin, rambutan, heirloom apples, grapefruit, white strawberries

long-aged and cured meat (salumi, charcuterie), pork secreto, heirloom chicken, pig tails, chicken skin, chicharrones (fried pork rinds), lamb belly, wild line-caught fish, vegetable proteins (meatless meals)

freekeh, farro, bulgur, noodles (udon, soba, cellophane, rice), millet, teff, buckwheat

Doughnuts, artisanal soft serve, push-pops, savory flavors, boozy desserts

Tea (the new coffee?), non-alcoholic beverages (”mocktails”), artisanal soda, hard cider, craft brews, gourmet lemonade, kombucha, coconut water

popcorn, homemade snacks, popped grains

Authentic Ethnic
Nordic, Middle Eastern (my favorite!), Asian, NexMex (high-end Mexican), South American (Brazil, Argentina, Peru)

2013 Food Trend Lists

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