Today’s era of Social Media Marketing

Today’s era of the “connected customer” — the vast world of online reviews combined with growing social media use provides unlimited risk and reward for the Hotel world.

There are different ways in which men and women approach social media. Both groups look for contrasting elements on these platforms, and use them for varying purposes. Generally speaking, men tend to use social media in order to promote more business-orientated content. For example; 24% of US online male adults use LinkedIn, compared to 19% of women. That being said, women now make up close to half of business travelers, and are more likely to base travel plans on reviews. The current percentage of female business travelers in the US is up from 43% in 2003, approximately 25% in 1991, and less than 5% in the early 1970s, just over 40 years ago.

Some Facts:

Approximately 1/5 of leisure travellers worldwide turn to social media platforms for inspiration within different categories of their travel planning including:

– Hotels (23%)
– Vacation activities (22%)
– Attractions (21%)
– Restaurants (17%

As for which social media platform is most used by travellers, most research shows Facebook coming in first, however postings are increasing on Instagram and Snap Chat, with Twitter being, more often than not, used to communicate travel delays, and poor experiences. Naturally travel sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia are dominating hotel scoring and general customer satisfaction.

What is clear, for the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, an unsatisfied customer can quickly transform into a whirlwind of negative reviews which can lead to a poor online reputation and dwindling occupancy levels.

However its by far not all bad, social media can present a golden opportunity for hoteliers to connect with its customers, with an ultimate goal of developing a partnership for brand growth and development.

Fact: data from Travelocity indicates that if a hotel increases its review scores by 1 point on a 5-point scale the hotel can increase its price by 11.2% and still maintain the same occupancy or market share.

92% of consumers read reviews, and 89% have their purchasing decision influenced by user generated reviews -> Monitoring reviews is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Embracing reviews allows a hotel to react quickly, identify and solve issues, find opportunities etc.

Some of the data generated every minute: 

– Google receives 2,000,000 search queries
– Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content
– Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets
– Brands & Organizations on Facebook receive 34,722 ‘Likes’

So what are the basics….

1. Involve online audiences in idea generation and new product development/offerings through activities such as crowd sourcing
2. Identify sales opportunities through social media platforms
3. Explore new channels of communication/engagement/collaboration such as social media platforms, mobile apps, online communities, and key influencers
4. Integrate a real-time responsive system to customer’s needs
5. Leverage brand loyalty to drive advocacy
6. Measure multi-channel effectiveness and ROI (Return On Investment)

Use Social media as a platform to bring news – celebrate guests and events at the hotel – Talk = Interest and interest = revenue

Most of all however – it’s the customer experience – Cleanliness, efficiency, all things in working order, and great service, will earn a 5 star review – its just that simple!

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