Consumer Evolution for Organic and Natural continues in America

The benefits of using organic and natural food has been highlighted through published research analysis where the continuous evolution of the consumer market in organic and natural foods in America has been substantiated. It is through these reports that we find that consumers are still in favor of using organic and natural products as compared to the counterparts which are processedusing more conventional and ‘processed’ methods. Consumers have become increasingly disillusioned when choosing conventional products primarily due to their better understanding of additives and preservatives, and although some questions still remains about the authenticity of the organic and natural, people in America are increasingly more inclined towards Organic and naturally produced foods.

Organic substances are supposed to be free of negatives like pesticides, antibiotics and herbicides; the primary reasons for their increased popularity. A recent survey reveals that consumers are ready to pay a premium provided they are convinced about the product being genuine, as compared to previous days when buyers were reluctant to buy organic at a high price knowing full well of its nutritional value.

Natural products are real and simple foods which are no lesser in nutritional value than organic ones, however a product being branded as ‘natural’ does not substantiate its authenticity. This has led to many speculations among consumers who while more open, remain skeptical whether to purchase organic and natural products. As time moves on, The Next Idea Consulting forecasts  that more and more produce manufactured by local farmers will pave the way for increased consumer confidence about the organic and natural quality of any product which are included among their daily list of consumption.

Surveys also predict that, local producers may in fact take the place of some retailers as the consumer moves closer to the food source than ever before. Indeed days are in the offing when labels of local producers will be as preferred as the branded ones only due to the trust and belief that local produce are free of any kind of health threats.

Summary: organic and natural foods are going to make an ever increasing market due to the continuity of the consumer evolution for organic and natural.

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